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What to Expect...

Please be prepared and allow time to get through my mandatory screening. I've experienced it taking as little as 10 minutes to as long as weeks and even months. I also ask that somewhere in the conversation it is made clear which visit you were interested in. This can allow me to schedule properly and efficiently.


For my safety as well as yours I have been known to require information that may seem oddly intrusive. I understand one's hesitation (yours as well as mine) so let's agree to get through the awkward "stranger" phase  quickly with a mutual respect and understanding of each other. I AM willing to work with any gentleman that respects this so please feel free to offer suggestions for verification if you're uncomfortable providing certain things.

When arriving to my Incall location please conduct yourself the way you would expect me to if I were coming to your home. Suspicious mannerisms, attracting attention, talking loudly, or any other indiscreet behavior will not be tolerated. Upon meeting I appreciate warmth with a friendly smile and introduction. (FYI - I'm not opposed to an introductory hug)  Place the donation (already in an unsealed envelope) somewhere in view but only AFTER we are both at ease and comfortable with proceeding.


Qv/Ss/15min - 140 Incall

Hh/30min - 200 Incall

Hr/60min -  300 Incall

VIP/gfe Hh Visit - 300 Incall

VIP/gfe Hr Visit - 400 Incall

PSE HR Visit - 500 roses

2HR Visit - 600 roses

~~~ Outcall Requests ~~~

Hh/30 **minimum** Visits

ADD $50-$100 to requested session 

(determined by length/time of travel)

Please allow advance notice for any session exceeding two hours. I will do my best to accomodate

Fetish Sessions - 400 roses and up

(Grk, Golden/Brown Showers, Role-Playing, CosPlay, etc)

Feel free to explore new ideas and fantasies with me

Overnight Session (8 hours) - 2000 roses

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